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LED Neon Flex, which we use in our custom signs, contains hundreds of little LED’s in a pvc or silicone casing which creates the appearance of a neon-like glow. In many ways LED Neon Flex is much better than traditional neon as it is brighter, more energy efficient and you can do a whole bunch of cool things with it using our remotes!

LED signs offer an advantage in daytime because they can be clearly seen, whereas traditional neon signs work better at night when it is dark.

Price is a big factor for many buyers and LED neon signs are less expensive than similar traditional neon signs.LED lights are also cheaper to run and maintain making the overall cost of LED neon much cheaper in the long run than traditional neon.

Space usage:
Traditional neon signs are typically much thicker than the thinner designs that can be created with LED lights today. In comparison, an LED sign is only 1 inch thick.

Traditional neon lights mainly offer the flickering on-off style or turning on and off of different parts of the sign-making it animate. LED neon signs offer more variation in animation because they are made up of many more tiny lights that can be manipulated.

LED neon signs last up to 50,000 hours, 10-15 years if left on 24/7, 30 years is on 5 hours a day, every day. They are virtually maintenance-free. Neon signs require cleaning of the glass tubes and will eventually lose all of the gas inside the tubes. This means the gas must be replaced or alternatively the whole sign can be replaced.

Shipping and installation:
LED signs are lighter and thinner than traditional neon signs so therefore they are also much cheaper to ship. Another difference is that they are less fragile than the traditional glass versions so there are less problems with breakages during transport. Because LED signs are lighter and thinner than traditional neon they are also very easy to install. It’s as simple as hanging a picture and plugging in a lamp.

LED signs are known for being very eco-friendly using just a few watts of power.
In fact, LED neon lights use a range of around 6-10 times less power than traditional neon signs. LED neon signs emit much less heat and stay cool enough to touch, unlike neon gas signs. Because they are low power they are cheaper to run and use less electricity. 

Our signs are super safe! They are virtually indestructible, don’t get hot, and meet all industry standards for the quality of materials used. This means you can put your sign in a child's room, a public space, or anywhere you need a pop of color and not worry about it.

If you plan to hang the sign in a nursery, playroom, child's bedroom, or any other space children may be left unsupervised, please take extra care to mount securely and store cords safely.

Yes, we can produce waterproof signs for outdoor events and outdoor permanent installation.

You can specify this need when ordering.

LED Neon signs come ready to use. Our signs are mounted on a high quality acrylic backing with pre-drilled holes. The package includes simple installation accessories like advertising screws or wire option.


Choose from any of our 20 color options of LED Neon Flex.

9 colors are available with a jacket that is still color when off, or white when off.

Red, Orange, Golden Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Green,Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Pink, White, Warm White.

View the color options here.

In most cases, ABSOLUTELY!

Fill out the form on the Custom Design Request page, and we will contact you to discuss how to best bring your logo to light.

Absolutely! Contact us via our Custom Design Request page and we will use the font you supply. Please note that not all fonts are appropriate for LED Neon, though. And we can definitely use multiple fonts in one design and make your sign as colorful as you wish.


Your order will arrive in 2-4 weeks, for custom orders the clock starts after you approve the proof.

Production: 5~10 working days Shipping: 3~10 working days

All items are shipped via UPS, FEDEX or DHL